The Art of the Jazz Duo

a hypnotic musical experience

Of all the wonderful instrumental combinations I make music with, the duo will always be at the top of my favorites list. As a guitarist, I have explored various duet combinations. Each one offers a different challenge. However, deeper than the instruments, it’s the musician’s sensitivity and desire for true interaction that can make the duo a most rewarding musical experience.   In order to bring out the most creativity and exploration in one another, we must always put the music first. This creates a  “comfort zone” – void of personal ego and inhibitions, allowing risk, humor, and interactive exploring that can take the music to new places. This can be a euphoric experience. Being too conservative for fear of “mistakes” can really hold the music back. I will always trade imperfection for impulse. In fact,  I treasure an impulsive feeling that pushes me to venture into new territory – in the moment! That’s where I want to live. after all, the present is all we really have.

This duo with guitarist Jason Klinke is my latest guitar duo after the passing of my long time friend and great guitarist Scott Sherwood. Scott and I had a duo for a bunch of years. Young Jason has all the qualities I seek in a player for a guitar duo with me. We are at the beginning stage of this wonderful musical situation.

This sample offering of Larry Schneider’s Tomato Kiss is not in it’s original key Eb minor but a tritone away (A minor) I like this key for guitar for this tune and found it by accident while doing it with vocalist Carla Jenkins who composed lyrics. Look for a future recording of our duo/vocalist arrangement.