Musical Candlelight

romantic music to enjoy

My latest musical compositional offering is about turning impressionistic, progressive jazz into romantic songs through the beautiful voice and lyrics of the talented Carla Jenkins. Although when composing I never think in terms of lyrics, there has always been a deep connection to classical composers from the romantic period such and Ravel, Debussy, etc. as well as the Brazilian Samba.

Carla Jenkins approached me about writing lyrics to my music after seeing me perform one of my compositions in a jazz setting. I was intrigued and open to hearing my music this way and saw a new perspective and opportunity.

Musical Candlelight is about love songs that offer absolute originality and sheer beauty to anyone, not just jazz lovers. It’s about the collaboration of two artists creating beautiful, romantic, inspirational works of art.

Steve Giordano – guitarist/composer
Carla Jenkins — vocalist/lyricist

This duo can be expanded – we are often joined by bassist Bill Zinno and vibraphonist Behn Gillece, and beyond up to a full orchestra.