Symbiosis Syndicate

atmospheric improvisation

The Concept:
The Symbiosis project is an interactive, symbiotic, group improvisation collection of various pieces from sessions dating from 1990 to the present. The goal of the music is to explore each other’s musical vocabulary in an alternative way other then playing jazz compositions, where there is a preset form and style already built in. This music has no musical planning of any kind although we often experiment with techniques to vary the process to avoid habitual tendencies. The resultant is we find ourselves on an unknown journey in strange new musical worlds.

The Instruments:
Using synthesizers in conjunction with traditional instruments not only expands our musical textural pallets, but completely removes us from any type of role playing that traditional instruments may confine us.

The Music:
The musical goal of Symbiosis Syndicate is to spontaneously create coherent music with theme, evolution, and development. The themes come easy since any valid musical idea can be thematic. The more challenging aspect is improvisational evolution and development. For the music to evolve without forcing the issue requires an observational mind set rather than a controlling one. There is a delicate balance between the two and patience is necessary.

From a listener’s perspective, what’s in it for the listener? As a listener, I have always enjoyed the moods, the unexpected, and the feelings from wordless music. I also love the sounds themselves. Imagine hearing a beautiful sound that is from an instrument that we have yet to create.