Character Tones, Musical Tastes, and Genres


A window just opened as to the possibilities with experimenting. Are there common root progressions worth noting? And if so, do they relate to all or to a specific genre of music. It seems that you have to emphasize the “uncommon” tones in the modes to make each of the modes stand out. But, are there any general principle as to modulation and making smooth transitions; such as, emphasizing a common tone and that be the turning point from one mode to the other or have some playing in between that is a back and forth of the modes to “mash” them together or nothing like either?


I believe any musical element can be shaped to almost genre or create a new genre. The only absolutes are sincerity based on musical taste which should be a ever evolving. I used the term root progressions loosely. They can also be looked at as “key centers” and each mode having it’s own little root progression respecting the mode in use. This can lead to a rather lengthly discussion or even a book! Each mode has a character tone and consequently primary triads. Always remember modality is fragile because the very nature of it is emphasizing a weaker tonality in the first place. Your point of connection via common tones is a good one for musical relationships in general. Otherwise, everything is open ended and based on your musical taste.